Do you plan to ride on June 15th, ride to work day?

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Third Monday of the month is this Monday the 15th! Why on a Monday? A Monday event encourages motorcycle and scooter commuting to continue during the entire week.

NUMBER OF MOTORCYCLES COMMUTING Out of a total 129,141,982 commuters in this country (USA, 2003) 147,703 of them ride motorcycles to work regularly. Thatís only .0011 percent. US Census Bureau

Of all the motorcycles registered in the USA, (6,567,197) 4.3% of them are used for year-round primary transportation (282,389), with an additional 9.9% used seasonally for this purpose (932,542 total). Motorcycle Industry Council

PARKING SPACES 3 - 5 motorcycles fit per automobile parking space. Ride to Work

Simi Valley Harley-Davidson
6190 Condor Dr.
Moorpark, CA 93021
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