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I would like to welcome you to the December 2011 issue of our monthly maintenance blog. The Poulsbo RV Service Department looks forward to answering your questions on how to properly maintain your RV or trailer, so that you will be able to enjoy it for years to come. As winter is upon us, the questions this month will address how to keep excess moisture out of your coach and how to maintain your LP system during storage.

Question One: How do I keep mold and condensation out of my RV or trailer? Is there a difference between how you prevent condensation in the winter and when the RV or trailer is in use?

There are a couple of things that you can do to prevent mold or condensation inside your RV or trailer. The first suggestion is that you have vent covers installed, if you do not already have them. Vent covers allow you to leave the vents open in all weather while keeping the rain from entering the RV or trailer. The vent covers will allow the air to circulate through the unit and prevent moisture build-up. The second suggestion is that you use dehumidifiers to help control the amount of moisture in the air. Depending on the size of your unit, you could need several dehumidifiers to properly control the moisture in your RV or trailer. You will also need to leave the closet doors, cabinets and drawers open when you are parked to keep condensation or mold from building up on back walls or in corners. Condensation and mold are more likely to be an issue during colder weather when there is excess moisture in the air.

Question Two: How often should the LP system be inspected to make sure that everything is functioning correctly? What do I need to do with the LP system before storing my RV or trailer?

You should visually inspect your LP system every month. Look for cracks, oil residue, or dents in the tank and for cracks in the LP line. If you find any cracks, dents or oil residue, you will need to fix or replace the line or tank before you use or store your RV or trailer. Your LP system should be professionally inspected at least twice a year. We recommend that you have your LP system professionally tested before you store your RV or trailer for the winter. When prepping your RV or trailer for storage, you should shut the tank off completely; this will help you avoid having spider or insect issues. You should also consider a tank cover, if you are going to leave the tank attached to the trailer. If you choose to remove your tank for storage, make sure to close the LP line from the outside with a threaded fitted cap. The tank will need to be stored in a cool dry place, preferably with a cover, and you will need to close off any openings or void caused by the removal of the tanks to avoid critter issues.

Thank you for reading the Poulsbo RV Monthly Maintenance blog. If you have any questions, about this blog, or otherwise please feel free to contact your service advisor or contact any Poulsbo RV Service Center for assistance. All of us at Poulsbo RV would like to wish you happy camping and many adventures on your journeys.

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