Access and sales finance can help business development

Access and sales finance can help business development

When it comes to creating a new company, it can be hard to agree with business terminology especially if the process of creating and running a business is completely strange to you. Talking to your bank about access and sales financing can for example be a scary perception in itself. but when you consider the possibility of getting confused in the jargon and maybe even losing credibility with your bank the experience seems even more scary. But if you keep your knowledge about yourself and make sure you are up to date on the latest financial terms, your bankings asset and financing solutions will certainly benefit your business.

Make sure you start with the basics: first of all, familiarize yourself with what asset and sales finance are. Essentially, asset and sales financing is a service through which banks can help businesses acquire a range of equipment, including machinery, IT equipment, commercial vehicles, office furniture and cars, among a number of other necessary business items. The basic difference between asset finance and sales financing is that sales finance helps companies get quick access to cash, while asset financing helps companies finance business equipment.

Cost effective and efficient sales finance solutions help companies find enough working capital for operation. Factoring and invoicing are two major sales financing solutions. With factoring, for example, up to 95 percent of the value of approved invoices can be made within a certain period of time, the balance being paid upon receipt. Invoicing abatement involves a similar process, but with a decisive difference: factoring customers are aware of the banks involvement, while those in invoice savings are unaware.

Capital financing is important as it will help entrepreneurs to acquire assets in an economically viable way without eating in important cash reserves. Many banks and financial suppliers will offer a range of asset financing solutions to their customers. Renting is an example of a financing solution. This can help businesses get the access they need immediately, but payments can be spread over the entire life of the asset. Rental Purchase System allows you to keep the asset at a certain rate at the end of your term. Another important asset financing solution, called operational leasing, will enable a company to benefit from a particular asset, while the bank itself takes the risk of asset depreciation value.

Different banks and financial suppliers will offer a wide range of asset and sales financing solutions to their customers, no matter what business tools and deliveries are needed. For example, some asset and sales finance providers such as Barclays Asset and Sales Finance will offer two separate leases: a technology leasing to help business needs and an agricultural lease offering financing for purchase of machinery, land and vehicles as a number of other benefits.

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